Shabbat Sermons

"Live Long and Prosper"
Response to Racism and the Pandemic
Parashat Naso; May 29, 2020

The Source of our Help:
From Charlottesville to Charlotte Amalie -
Reflections on Racism in Light of

a Looming Solar Eclipse 
August 18, 2017; Parashat Re'eh


A Bridge to Somewhere: Inclusion, Outreach
and a New Chapter in Our Lives
Introductory Sermon to the
Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas
July 14, 2017; Parashat Pinchas

To A Place That I Will Show You:
Farewell Address To Temple Shalom

June 9, 2017; Parashat Be'ha'alot'cha

​​​​​​​​A House Divided: Rabbinic Views on Slavery

February 13, 2015; Parashat Mishpatim

Light and Truth: Diversity in the Search for Unity
October 24, 2014; Parashat Noach

On the Other Side of the Jordan

August 1, 2014; Parashat Devarim

Coming Undone

June 30, 2014; Parashat Korach

The Second Sex
March 28, 2014; Parashat Tazria

Pride and Prejudice
March 21, 2014; Parashat Sh’mini

Stones and Bones
March 14, 2014; Parashat Tzav

Why Be Jewish?
November 14, 2014; Parashat Chayei Sarah

The Authors of Ourselves
January 10, 2014; Parashat Beshalach

Sanctity and Sublimation:

Losing Ourselves and Discovering the World

November 8, 2013; Parashat Vayetzei

Friedan's Freedom: A Half Century Since

the Publication of The Feminie Mystique

February 22, 2013; Parashat Tetzaveh

The Way the World Works
August 31, 2012; Parashat Ki Tetzei

“Hear” O Israel!
The Art of Conversation in an Age of Conflict

April 20, 2012; Parashat Shmini

Reading Mein Kampf in Tehran:

The Death of Demjanjuk and the Power of the Past
March 23, 2012; Parashat Vayikra

White Lies and Tall Tales in a WikiLeaks World
December 17, 2010; Parasha Vayechi

Between Choice and Chance -

Shaping History or Being Shaped By It
March 19, 2010; Parashat Vayikra

Clean Hands and a Pure Heart:
Reaction to the Recent Revelation about our Torah Scrolls

February 19, 2010; Parashat Terumah

Chesed (Kindness): Ten Years After Columbine

April 24, 2009; Parashat Tazria-Metzorah

Evolution and Us:

How Charles Darwin Made Reform Judaism Possible

February 13, 2009; Parashat Yitro

If You Like Pina Coladas

February 23, 2007; Parashat Terumah

Jimmy Carter and the Betrayal of History

​January 12, 2007; Parashat Shemot

If So, Why Do I Exist?
November 24, 2006; Parashat Toledot

The Days of Our Lives

November 16, 2006; Parashat Chayei Sarah

I Saw The Best Minds of My Generation

May 26, 2006; Parashat Bamidbar

First Things First
February 24, 2006; Parashat Mishpatim

Standing Still, Diving Deep:

Sign, Symbol and the Torah of our Lives
December 24, 2004; Parashat Vayichi

The Bones of Joseph
January 9, 2004; Parashat Vayechi