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Articles, Book Chapters and Other Observations

Judaism and the World


Judaism and Capital Punishment


The Tears That Are Not Murder: Judaism and Abortion


In Every Generation: A Jewish Approach to Genetic Research, Testing and Screening, and Gene Therapy


A Name for Ourselves: Judaism and Infertility


A Sea of Troubles: Judaism and the Environment

Keynote Address, February 27, 2005


In God's Image: Judaism and Homosexuality


Judaism and Immigration:
Ask A Rabbi Response in Moment Magazine


Triangle: A Fire That Changed the Country Forever
Judaism and the Labor Movement; March 25, 2011


Jewish Life: Ritual, Community, Ideology and Identity


Shabbat and the Power of the Regular and Routine,
from Text Messages: A Torah Commentary For Teens

(Jewish Lights, 2012)


Let's Uplift Synagogue Language

Reform Judaism Magazine, Fall 2013


The Secret of Jewish Survival

Reform Judaism Magazine, Winter 2008


A Covenant Cocktail: The Messianic Idea In Judaism

Slipping and Falling Through Space and Time:
A Mystical Moment at a Minyan for My Father


Judaism and Life After Death:


The Kaddish and The Grateful Dead


Letter from a Murderer


Reform Judaism


Partly Pregnant: What Does it Mean to Be a Good Jew?


Evolution and Us: How Charles Darwin

        Made Reform Judaism Possible


Ties That Bind: Obligation and Autonomy

        in Reform Judaism Today


Israel Related Remarks


What Have We Won at the Western Wall?


Everybody Must Get Stoned


Jimmy Carter and the Betrayal of History


Costs and Consequences: Redemption of Gilad Schallit

October 21, 2011; Parashat Bereshit


Facts and Faces

May 27, 2011; Parashat Bamidbar


For Others and Ourselves:
Hillel's Words for Haiti and for Israel

January 22, 2010; Parashat Bo


City of our Souls: On the 40th Anniversary of
the Reunification of Jerusalem


Judaism and Other Religions

A New Day, Reprise:
Remarks Delivered as a Sunday Sermon
for Nazareth-by-the Sea Episcopal Church,
Red Hook, St. Thomas, VI
August 27, 2017

Everything That Happened

November 19, 2010; Parashat Vayishlach


See it Now: Reflections on The Passion of the Christ

March 12, 2004; Parashat Ki Tisa


Have You Not One Blessing for Me?

Towards a Dialectic of Pluralism

November 28, 2003; Parashat Toledot


Covering the Cross; Discovering Respect


Social Issues and Community Relations

Hate Will Fade and Hope Will Shine:
Keynote Address for the Atlantic City NAACP MLK Service
“Uniting Against Hate, Antisemtism and Islamophobia”
St James AME Church of Atlantic City
January 16, 2023

An Open Letter to Representative Jeff Van Drew:
From the South Jersey Board of Rabbis and Cantors and
The Jewish Community Relations Council of Southern New Jersey
December 30, 2022

Love on the Table:
Keynote Sermon for the Absecon Island
Interfaith Thanksgiving Service,
November 21, 2022


​​Reflections on 9/11


Who Are We Now?

Reflections on the Ten Year Anniversary of the Attacks


Faith and Freedom:

Remarks from September 11, 2002


Judd Hirsch and Jerry Falwell:

Things Happened for a Reason

Rosh Hashanah Morning 2001


Lo Nafsik Lirkod: We Will Not Stop Dancing

Erev Rosh Hashanah 2001



Tributes and Memorial Observations


An Unfinished Revolution:
The Life and Legacy of Rabbi David Hartman


A Thundering Silence:

In Memory of Rabbi David J. Forman


Pete Seeger: One Jew's Reflection on His Impact

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