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​​​Welcome to the work that I do with those exploring Judaism.  The time spent with those asking about Jewish life is among the most satisfying and fulfilling part of what I do – no matter where the conversations lead.  To begin such exploration does not predetermine or drive any assumptions about an outcome.  The most important part of this process is your feeling of having a safe space in which to explore, ask questions, and delve deep in an honest way.


The questions in each unit should be answered to the best of your ability. Please type your answers. At the completion of each unit, please contact Rabbi Feshbach for an appointment (, and please send in the unit in advance by e-mail.  At the meeting, bring the two copies of your answers to serve as the basis for discussion.  You do not need to find every answer. If you are stumped or have trouble with something, bring it up during the meetings.


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