Sermons and Teachings for Festivals and Holidays

Sukkot and Simchat Torah

The Sukkah is a Symbol, Not a Sign

A Gutten Kvittel: The Last Note Before Simchat Torah



The Meaning of the Miracle of Chanukah

It's Okay To Be Different


On Pastry, Groggers and Murder: The Real Message of Purim

Remember to Forget: Shabbat Zachor

Palace People: A New Understanding of Purim


The Feshbach Family Haggadah

The Secret Message of the Seder

The Secret Message of the Seder: A Haggadah Insert

Bread and Chametz; Kitniyot and Corn Syrup

A Passover Message to the Congregation

Logic Versus Custom; Seven Days Versus Eight

Put Down That Bread: A Passover Plea


Created by Rabbi Michael Feshbach

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