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"Torah is not education, it is transformation."

Dena Weinberg

Spitting Image: Using New Techniques to Ask Old Questions
ReformJudaism.Org, October 9, 2018

A Song of Light and Fire: Hillel and Shammai, Hanukkah and Us
ReformJudaism.Org, December 14, 2017


​​​If Not Now, When?  Response to Charlottesville
ReformJudaism.Org, August 16, 2017

How Can We Not?  A Jewish Response to the Refugee Crisis,

co-written with Karen Green, in The Peoplehood Papers 19,

published by The Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education,
Israel, June 2017


The Fifth Cup: The Cup of Redemption,” a Passover Haggadah insert, published by

Americans for Peace Now, April 2016.


Spreading the Light: The Meaning of the Miracle of Chanukah,

published by The Shalom Hartman Institute, December 2015.


“My Idea: Let’s Uplift Our Synagogue Language,” Reform Judaism Magazine, Fall 2013.


“Shabbat and the Power of the ‘Regular’ and ‘Routine,’” in Salkin, Rabbi Jeffrey K. (Ed.), Text Messages: A Torah Commentary for Teens, Jewish Lights Publishing, 2012 (page 158)


Everybody Must Get Stoned:

A Report From the Front Lines of the Culture Wars in Israel,

published by the Shalom Hartman Institute, February 2012.


“The Secret of Jewish Survival,Reform Judaism Magazine, Winter 2008 (reprinted December 2016).



Every Generation…” A Jewish Approach to Questions of Genetic Research, Testing and Screening, and Gene Therapy,” in Monsen, R. B. (Ed.), Genetics and Ethics in Health Care: New Questions in the Age of Genomic Health. Silver Spring, MD:, December 2008



Faces in the Mirror, a weekly column, appearing in The Jewish Community Online, America OnLine, Fall 1996-Winter 2002. This column continues as a personal blog at www.faces-in-the-mirror.


A Name for Ourselves: On Infertility, Struggle, Pain and ‘the Meaning of Life,’” UAHC Bioethics Study Guide, Fall 1999


“Hanging in the Balance,” and “In Every Generation: Passover as Paradigm of Redemption” in Lifecycling, a curriculum guide for adult Jewish education, Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Spring 1999.


“In God’s Image: Judaism and Homosexuality,” in Kulanu (All of Us): A Program for Congregations Implementing Gay and Lesbian Inclusion, UAHC Press, 1996.


"Obedience to Which Commander? An Examination, from a Liberal Jewish Perspective, of a Soldier's Right to Refuse Orders," (with Peter Schaktman) in Eugene Borowitz, ed., Reform Jewish Ethics and the Halacha, Behrman House, 1995.


"Faith and Democracy: Lessons Learned on a Two-Way Street," Erie and Chautauqua Magazine, Summer 1995.


"Black Ethiopian Jews in Israel," (with Glenn Stein) in The Bulletin (The Official Endorsed Publication of the N.A.A.C.P.), Boston Chapter, August-September 1985.


"Life on A Kibbutz," (National Scholastic Award Winner), in Scholastic Voice, Senior Scholastic and Scope magazines, all in May 1978.

The Hourglass (Monthly bulletin of The Hebrew Congregation of St Thomas)
       March 2020
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